The story of how I got to Konplan begins in 2001 in El Salvador, the smallest country of the whole American continent. After my graduation from high school I applied for a scholarship abroad. It was just by chance that it was Czech Republic in which I joined a large group of foreign students and went through a Czech language course to be able to begin my studies at the CTU in Prague. Six years later I finished my studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and started my first job in the automotive industry. I gained experience in the first company, but the everyday routine and stress were two of the big reasons why I needed to change jobs.

I heard about the Application Engineer job and in September 2013 I joined our team in Konplan. I spent 4 years working with the special Line Management technology, which we are developing for Nestlé and a year ago I started learning the Line Diagnostics technology, which is used by many customers globally. Thanks to this job I travelled to many countries of the world and as a matter of fact I am rarely bored because each project is different, with a different team and there is always something new to learn.

I firmly believe that my choice was a good one and I always look forward to new projects and new destinations.

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